The Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University aims at creating an innovative teaching and learning environment based upon a cross-disciplinary and problem-oriented approach which detects and meets the needs of new generations of learners in their encounter with academic requirements, and at ensuring that the given quality requirements are complied with.

job and career

Start working on job applications and your career while studying at university. The earlier you start, the earlier you will enter the job market. AAU Career offers relevant information and seminars that can help you get started. Read more:

choosing your education

Problem based learning

Study programmes at Aalborg University - and thus at the Faculty of Humanities - are characterised by their work with the Aalborg model for problem based learning (PBL). The PBL-based pedagogical model of the University has become both nationally and internationally recognised by universities, researchers and students as an advanced and efficient learning model. Read more:

International office

International Office is a resource for all international students, especially at the beginning of their stay.


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