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Faculty of Humanities strategy 2016-2021

The Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University (AAU) is concerned with what it means to be human, with how humans learn, interact and understand each other, and with technological, linguistic and cultural connections in the global world. The Faculty of Humanities at AAU supports the further development of human activities within a number of contexts: business, education, health, social and cultural activities, and develops in mutual and inspirational interaction with contemporary challenges. The interdisciplinary approach of the Faculty of Humanities at AAU is based on strong mono-disciplines deeply rooted in critical, analytical and creative traditions. The basis of all our activities – whether research, education or knowledge collaboration – is our focus on relations within and across professional competences, disciplines, cultures, societies and the surrounding world. We aim to put our humanistic competences into play where they can make a difference, and therefore, the title of our strategy is Humanities for the World.

At AAU, the Faculty of Humanities contributes with research-based study programmes and dedicated knowledge collaboration with public and private partners based on applied as well as fundamental research within a number of disciplinary areas. We identify current problems and apply humanistic methods and theories to solve cultural, aesthetic, organisational and societal challenges. Our students are in high demand due to practice-oriented study programmes with a solid theoretical basis, and our high level of knowledge collaboration contributes to keeping the research focused on the issues of tomorrow. That is why the Faculty of Humanities at AAU is able to identify and offer solutions to many of the complex challenges facing the modern society. These solutions are based on an interdisciplinary perspective which incorporates other scientific disciplines and traditions as well as external fields of knowledge and collaborators, and which is based on ideas of ethics and sustainability.

Our strategy for the next five years focuses on what we need to do even better and on the focus areas to which we wish to give priority. The strategy is at level with the overall strategy for AAU, Knowledge for the World, and is coordinated with the development strategies of the various departments and study programmes under the Faculty of Humanities. We have a shared responsibility for creating the best possible framework for managing and further developing the core tasks of the Faculty of Humanities: research, education and knowledge collaboration. The strategy thus sets the framework for all academic and administrative staff at the Faculty of Humanities on our campuses in Aalborg and Copenhagen. The strategy focuses on areas in which the faculty level will function as a coordinator, sparring partner, incubator and service provider for the departments, study programmes and external collaborators.

In the years 2016-2021 we will continually produce two year action plans outlining the concrete initiatives to be launched with a view to supporting research, education and knowledge collaboration. In addition, the action plans will specify which actor holds the operating responsibility for each individual initiative – for example, whether the initiative is launched at department, school or faculty level. And in 2018 we will undertake midterm reflection: together with the staff we will take a step back to consider whether the original objectives require adjustment or supplementation, whether the demands and needs of the surrounding society have changed, and whether the chosen focus areas remain the most pressing.

So even though we have a strategy now which in overall terms describes the journey ahead of us, the world is changeable, and we may have to adjust our course recurrently to continue to make progress and to reach our destination safely. Solving this task requires constructive cooperation between a dedicated staff and a well-informed management working closely together with the rest of the University and the surrounding society.

Faculty Management, June 2016:

Dean Henrik Halkier
Vice Dean Hanne Dauer Keller
Vice Dean Anette Therkelsen
Faculty Director Tina Vangsgaard
Head of Department Mikael Vetner,
Department of Communication and Psychology
Head of Department Annette Lorentsen,
Department of Learning and Philosophy
Head of Department Marianne Rostgaard,
Department of Culture and Global Studies
Head of School Falk Heinrich,
School of Communication, Art and Technology (CAT)
Head of School Robert Chr. Thomsen,
School of Culture and Global Studies
Head of School Nikolai Stegeager,
School of Consciousness and Human Development

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