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The Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University is characterized by its ability to enhance knowledge in the fields of communication, learning, and humanity. The humanities produce cultural understanding, and develop human, verbal and aesthetic energy sources. Based on a strong strategy and vision the Faculty of Humanities sets out to be a future-oriented and vivid faculty, which will transcend both physical and psychological borders in the attempt to broaden its perspectives.

The Faculty of Humanities comprises a number of different organisational units such as departments, boards of studies, schools, centres etc. A number of cross-unit councils and committees have been established. The faculty is headed by a Dean and an  Associate Dean with the administrative support of a faculty office.

Deanery and the Faculty Office

The Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University is headed by the Deanery and the Faculty Office and there is a close co-operation between the two parties. The main purpose of the faculty office is to provide administrative support for the faculty  - including its departments and study boards

More about the Deanery and Faculty Office

Schools and Study Boards

The study programmes under the Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University fall under four different schools, who are each responsible for the teaching at the respective programmes

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Strategy and Vision for the Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University (AAU) is concerned with what it means to be human, with how humans learn, interact and understand each other, and with technological, linguistic and cultural connections in the global world. The Faculty of Humanities at AAU supports the further development of human activities within a number of contexts: business, education, health, social and cultural activities, and develops in mutual and inspirational interaction with contemporary challenges. The interdisciplinary approach of the Faculty of Humanities at AAU is based on strong mono-disciplines deeply rooted in critical, analytical and creative traditions. The basis of all our activities – whether research, education or knowledge collaboration – is our focus on relations within and across professional competences, disciplines, cultures, societies and the surrounding world. We aim to put our humanistic competences into play where they can make a difference, and therefore, the title of our strategy is Humanities - knowledge for the World.

Follow the link to read the pamphlet: "Humanities - knowledge for the world"

Action plan groups for each of the areas of the strategy have been established. Here you will find details regarding the composition of the groups, meeting schedules etc. (in Danish only).

Councils and committees

The Faculty of Humanities contains a number of fixed councils and committees. On this page, you will find a short description of the different councils and committees

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